Day 20

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

Do you always want to win?

Well that depends on who I am playing with; siblings, absolutely yes, our rivalry is unprecedented and heralds from our mother, I never actually realized it until I took my parents to a church trivia/games night, and watched Mum strive to win every single game, it astounded me, I had never actually witnessed her competitive spirit before.

When I play with my beautiful niece Miss Charlotte, absolutely not. Until she gets older and understands winning and loosing, see just kind of wins everything.

I will never forget Miss Charlotte’s 3rd birthday, her mum planned everything, right down to the fairy bread and musical chairs, everything was going well as the children gleefully danced around the chairs to the tunes of an iphone selection, that was until it came to the last two players and one single chair.

Miss Charlotte and an equally aged little boy, joyfully danced and hopped around the last remaining chair until the music stopped and then they both rushed to put their bottoms on the seat, arriving at the chair at the same time, they both bounced off each other, one getting the chair and other one landing on the floor; and then they both collapsed on the floor in bellows of tears, one because they missed out on getting their bottom onto the chair and the other one because someone was crying on the floor, so they joined together and chorused their cries of disappointment and failure.

The adults unanimous decided that you “don’t play musical chairs with children under 5, its just not fair!”

So what’s your take on winning?



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