Day 17

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

What was the last book that you read?

Easy question today, not that I read a lot of books, because my mind is always thinking about art that I can make, sitting still and not making stuff with my hands is very hard, so it really has to be a certain type of book to keep me interested, and I hit the jackpot with this op shop bargain “The Woman’s Guide To Second Adulthood” Inventing the rest of our lives by Suzanne Braun Levine


It opened my eyes and refreshed my soul, it’s ok to get older than you were yesterday.

Its actually even better as there are less things that we have to worry about.

Don’t take a look at this book if you are a young woman exploring the world, wait a while, your time will come and then you will fully appreciate every word, as I did.

On a lighter note, my favourite magazine at the moment is Flow


This is the latest issue, Flow is all about slowing down, appreciating what is around us, being ok with our flaws and our not so pretty bits, and Flow reminds us to take time for little pleasures and moments that will make our memories of tomorrow.

I get a bit caught up in all the extras, like their Mindfulness Workbook, their Notebook, and Diary designed for notes and special thoughts, and not forgetting thick bound magazines/books crammed full of paper goodies, that I love to tear out and cut out and fold.

I don’t have time for fiction, my escape is in doing my art.

So what was the last book you read?



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