Day 16

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Well I have been procrastinating on this one a little while, maybe procrastinating is not the word; more like ruminating over the options, but to be completely honest, I have to admit I knew instantly what My Guilty Pleasure was it is “Collecting Craft and Art Supplies”.

More art these days, as I part with hundreds of dollars, for a small stash of stick coloured crayons! yummy…. but I have a shed full of op-shop supplies that I just could not leave in the dusty stores, another shed full of shop supplies that I just could not part with when I sold the business, not to mention my ten year collection of all the things I would get around to using one day when I had time!

And then you have my studio, oh man if I never left that room again, I am sure that I would find everything I would ever need to take any art or craft course ever invented!

It’s a bit embarrassing¬†actually, I spend more time looking for the supplies that I have rather than doing the art that I want to do, and even when I do get to do art, I use a square space of 12″ or less in front of me because the whole table is so full of supplies there is no room left for me!

“Use it or Loose it” is my new motto, if it doesn’t work it goes in the bin, if I don’t like it any more I give it away or add it to Miss Charlottes crafting stash, I wish I was her in another lifetime visiting me to do art, it would be¬†my own crafting utopia.

What’s your guilty pleasure?



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