Day 15

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

How many homes have you lived in?

I would have to count, I suppose there are some of you out there who know instantly? maybe it’s my age and failing memory or maybe it’s because I have moved around a bit, within a city, within a State, within a country.

As you know from a previous post I grew up on a Fire Station, up until then I didn’t know anything about shifting around and moving houses, although we did move from flat 4 to flat 12 when dad got a promotion! That’s 2

After that it is all a bit of a blur, we moved to Wellington (3) and then to Australia, we landed in the beautiful costal town of Dromana (4) for a good 3 months renting a holiday house before we settled in Frankston (5).

I flew back home to New Zealand to finish my schooling (6), later marrying and moving to Featherston (7) back to Australia for a better life (8) up to sunny Queensland (9, 10 & 11) one of those being 3 months in a motel during the thick of a heated summer with Ashley under 1 waiting for the allocation of a house! back to Adelaide (12, 13, 14& 15).

Over to Melbourne and here I have stayed (16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21)

I guess you can say that I have come of age after 21 homes!  It looks like I started out life spending forever in the one place and it seems very likely that I will end my life in my forever place, both very different from each other, but the Dandenong’s where I have chosen to spend the last 20 years, is not unlike the small community of a Fire Station, just spread out over a few hundred more acres.

What’s your number?





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