Bonus Australia Day Question

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question is a bonus?

What sort of Australian are you?

Happy Happy Australia Day to you.

Today is a bonus question, because here in Australia we celebrate today, just because we are Australian, and we cook BBQ’s and we share a day off with friends and we generally celebrate the fact that we live in such a blessed and fruitful country.

But we are not all born and breed Australians, a lot of us who call Australia home are from many different parts of the world, that is what makes up the diversity of this beautiful country, along with the original settlers and native aborigines.

So my question to you today is What sort of Australian are you? I am a New Zealand Australian, and in fact most of my family is (son, parents, brother and sister) are also New Zealand Australians, arriving around 1975 and remembering how we lugged a huge colour TV into Melbourne because Mum and Dad were lucky enough to buy one duty free; gosh it was probably the size of some computer screens now, but we thought it was impressive.

We have grown our family as we have loved this country and embraced all things Australian, my sister Tracey married an Australian and we are blessed with a 100% Australian made beautiful Miss Charlotte, my brother married a gorgeous Filipino Girl and we now are also blessed with an Australian Filipino princess Miss They-Geneva.

So even in my own family we have the national blood of 3 countries.

That is what Australia is like, so diverse, so multi-cultural, and oh my, you should taste the food, besides the amazing BBQ’s we have Australianized ¬†all manner of authentic dishes and you can wander down the street and order what ever country you like. I just love it.

Happy Australia Day everyone, I hope your day is filled with food, friends and a moment to remember how blessed we are to live in Australia.



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