Day 14

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

What’s your biggest Dream?

Dreams change a lot when you get older.

When you are young, you are filled with ambition and desire to move forward and be the very best of what you have chosen to be and do.

Often; from not asking ourselves enough questions, we float through life riding the wave of circumstances and only pausing to re-evaluate after each crisis has abated.

If you are young and reading this, I urge you to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life? Ask yourself questions and write them down in minute detail.

Nothing is ever achieved if you do not plan, and even if you are not so young anymore there is absolutely no reason for you to sit in that comfortable chair and wish that things could have been better.

My biggest dream is to have my book published, the one I haven’t written yet, but also the one that I have started.

That’s not enough, I also want to be an artist, which I am at the moment, but I am not supporting myself with my art, and that is what I would like to achieve.

This year I have to take time out again because of that bloody cancer, but I have made a radical decision to not let it hold me back, sitting on a waiting list is shit, you never know when you will get a call up and when you have already waited a year for an operation you start to wonder if it is ever going to happen.

So I’m taking the high road over the bumps, I’m going to do everything that I want to do, unless I can’t.

I have signed up to a wonderful online class for one year, lessons every week fresh into my inbox, I am already behind! but oh do I have some new art supplies.

I have met a beautiful group of arty ladies, so talented and they have embraced me into their little community, tick, that’s another 2 get togethers every month, and today I start a weekly craft group with some wonderful Carer’s, which should be fun.

We should never stop dreaming and believing, in something better than what we have or a  life different to what we are living. You are never too old, never too young, never too poor and never too rich to dream the most incredible dream and then go out and do it.

The difference is, some people sit on the couch, constantly complaining that nothing good ever happens to them, and some people get up off the couch after she has written down her dreams and then she steps out of the house and walks towards it, both arms open ready to embrace and live it.

I would love to hear all about your dreams, please leave a comment on my blog.




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