Day 13

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

Do you buy flowers often?

In two words “not enough” I have been known to pick up a discounted bunch for myself when they are so cheap you can’t walk by, but oh so rarely do I ever go out and actually pick a beautiful bunch of flowers and bring it home.

Why do we do that? We minimise how beautiful and deserving we are, and we stop ourselves from being surround with beautiful things, like bunches of flowers, or sweet scented candles, all because we wrongly or secretly assume that we are not deserving.

I don’t know about you, but I feel something when I look at flowers, I can’t help but smile a little on the inside and sometime it sneaks onto my lips.

Flowers make you feel special, they soften the hardened edges, and melt away wrong doings, their fragrance evokes a time that has past. Flowers make you feel uncomfortable when you are given them, because you don’t feel like you deserving them, but actually you really do, we all deserve a bunch of flowers and not just on our birthdays.

My dad buys my mum a bunch of flowers every week, she has a couple of vases that she uses depending on what he buys and she puts them proudly on the entrance hall stand. It’s been so many years, I think she has forgotten the beauty behind this most generous gesture, I wish I had a husband as special as that, maybe one day I will, but for now, I don’t so I am just going to have to buy flowers for myself.

And you know what, it is going to be even easier, I have just brought myself a new dining room table which looks bare without a special display in the middle and I just happen to have something this week, beautifully brought and given by ┬ánumber one son, “just because” he said


Now who can argue with that? I have to remember next week to buy a bunch for myself and so should you!



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