Day 10

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?

Today’s Question?

What do the wrinkles on your face say about you?

My wrinkles hold the mysteries of each moment that I have lived.

Worn into every crease and furled line, lies the stories of dark endless nights; when I sat curled on the couch weeping for my lost son.

In the corners of my eyes you will see the joy of love found and deep burrows holding my love and wishful vision of family long lost.

In the glint of my eye you will see deeply embedded a wound that cannot be healed or removed, this is my love for my son, and a scar that I wear proudly.

In my forehead and around my eyes you will see the fruits of my creative pursuits, much frowning and thinking as I consider and ponder each artwork, much joy and wide open eyes as I figure it out, and quietly dance on the inside to myself; if you look closely you will see small fracture lines dancing under the skin.

Past reminders of a time I inhaled sticks of dried out tobacco, line the edges of my mouth, but they are barely visible against the mutterings of many wisely spoken words along with a few foolish uttering’s best forgotten.

My wrinkles hold much tragedy but not any more than I can bear, but if you bother to look you will find much more Joy, love, satisfaction, enjoyment, peace and acceptance than any story a wrinkle can tell.

And to top my story off today, I talked with my beautiful son who asked what I was writing about, and my heart melted when he said “but Mum, you don’t have any wrinkles” bless his grown up soul, bring it on.

What does your face say about you?






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