Day 7

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?


Would you rather have another name?

This question is so wide open, depending on what stage you are in your life.

I remember as a teenager absolutely hating my name, I shortened it to Chris, for a while, and I didn’t care if anyone called me Chrissie, or Christine or hay you!

It was my age of rebellion. Rebellion for everything and anything, and what more could you hate on, than your own name?

As I became more mature I grew to love my name, it was annoying that it was so long, it didn’t always fit on name tags unless it was squashed up, but it was a beautiful name.

Christ was in my name, so that kind of made me feel closer to him. I grew to be annoyed at people  who chopped of the “a” at the end of my name and called me Christine, I correct them now, and sometimes it embarrasses them; but that’s not my problem! when I say my name is Christina it’s rude for you to shorten it to Chris or change it to Christine.

I love and accept my name now, it defines who I am, and thinking back, even when I didn’t love it, there was no other name I would have like to be know by.

So the question today is “Would you rather have another name?”



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