Day 6

A Question a Day will you take the challenge?


Which holiday do you think back on most nostalgically?

Sooooo many holidays, and the older you are the more you have had (hopefully?)

I grew up in New Zealand, and my heart will always bear an embossed Kiwi love.

I had the most amazing Grandmother, so different from my parents, my Nana always treated me with respect and I felt like there was nothing that I could not achieve because she not only believe in me but she also let me do things that my parents would never consider letting me try.

As soon as I was old enough to travel on my own, my parents would put me on a train from Wellington, the Red Rattler (I called it) would travel through the Rimutaka’s and finish at Featherston, where my Nana would be waiting for me in her floral printed shift dress and little white car.

We would travel back to Martinborough through the cutting and into the valley where her weatherboard house, complete with veranda and open fireplace would be waiting for us.

I usually stayed in Nana’s room, two beds kind of topped and tailed but you could walk in-between. Lying in my bed in the morning, I could look down and hear Nana before I could see her, small snoring and snorting sounds would tell me that I had woken up first, sometimes I would sneak out and make her a cuppa, other times I remember sitting up in bed and talking to each other before we started our adventurous day.

I would usually get to stay the entire school holidays and there was excitement for me around every corner, as Nana Johns let me clean out her cupboards; it was like stepping into Aladdin’s cave of treasures, every now and then she would let me keep something that I found, but mostly I cleaned up the shelf or the draw.

Nana was a bit of a collector of fine things, Auctions were her hobby and we would often spend time in auction houses, usually bidding on unopened boxes that every now and again held a special treasure at the bottom.

I was allowed to cook at Nana’s and clean at Nana’s and best of all I was able to go out the back and cut kindling with a real axe, I made it my mission to fill her entire wood box at the back door, so that she would not have to go down the back yard to fetch kindling.

I learnt a lot of my practical living skills at my Nana’s house, and there are many treasured memories of our time together.

Staying at Nana’s  is more than one holiday, but it is the mother of all holidays and how I spent the most treasured moments of my youth. Nana made everyday living skills an adventure to learn and she trusted me to responsibly  take care of each task in a safe manner, even if I did slice my thumb off one time whilst cutting potatoes.

Funny story, I have to share it with you, this particular time the whole family was up visiting Nana, and we were getting ready for dinner and Nana told mum it was ok, I could take care of the potatoes, I think it was Mum who yelled out, “Don’t cut your finger” and sure enough a few minutes later I sliced my thumb!

Mum was going to put a bandaid on it, and hold it tight to stop the bleeding, Nana walked into the kitchen and said something like “oh here is the other bit of her thumb, we better call the doctor”

So off we trotted to the Doctor, Nana had called ahead, and he was tending the garden, so in he bowled with his gumboots and raincoat, in we walked, entourage of mother, daughter and grandmother,  a tissue holding the other bit of my thumb and I was no doubt tearful but I can’t remember any of that!

Dr gumboots took one look at the cut off piece and promptly put it back on my thumb and wrapped it up without a single stitch or tape holding it together, mother nature knitted it back together and I have this circular scar on my thumb forever more.

Nana had some explaining to do letting me use such a sharp knife, so we had to modify my allowed activities while mum was around, but we got back to normal next holidays and I got over the horror of chopping off the tip of my thumb!

So I throw this one over to you; what holiday memory do you remember with love?



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