Day 1

Question :

When did you last do something for the first time?

This was going to be an easy question for me, the answer was “Going on a Cruise with my Son” which we did in December and it was a mighty awesome time, but if I think and ponder this question I have to admit that I went cruising a few years ago and that is how I was able to talk my son and 2 friends onboard.

So cruising doesn’t count.

…… thinking, ok I don’t have to rack my brain too hard, it was the last new thing not the best ever thing Christina, duh

The last time I did something for the first time was at the end of 2016, I signed myself up for a 1 year weekly mixed media course, I’m nearly at the end of the week and I have only completed one of the 2 projects on offer but I’m working on it.

New things are exciting, and sometimes you have to forget what is going on around you, and just dive in and do it.

This course is probably going to be interrupted, stalled and sometime during the year stopped for circumstances I know about but have no control over, but that is no reason to stop joining in, I can save the classes and do them later if I can’t manage, what more can you ask for, and you know what? I have produced more art this first week of 2017 than I did in 6 months last year, so it is already working. yah…

See you tomorrow.



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