A Question a Day

I don’t think that we ask ourselves enough questions, to this resolve I have a purchased a new Calendar for myself from Flow Magazine each day has a new question for you to ponder and chew over, I thought it might be a bit of fun to post each question with my answer and ask you to ponder and answer the question for yourself.

I would love it if you left a reply below with your own answers to each question, who knows where it could take us?

Growing up I was frequently told that children were to “be seen and not heard” I think this silenced the curious child questioning in me and I began living a reactive life, where I reacted to the circumstances around me without question but always to the best of my ability of course.

I didn’t always get it right, no one ever does, but that is part of life, if I had of asked myself more questions could some of the outcomes have been different? I will never know the answer to that, but I do know this I am going to start asking myself more and more questions until I get to the end and there is nothing more to say, who feels like joining me?

It starts with day 1 and I will try and post everyday (even if I am a few days behind already!)



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