Life Book Introduction

I started the new year with a brand new project, Life Book 2017, a commitment for an entire year to sit down and create with the guided hand of Tamara LaPorte and her talented crew of inspirational teachers.

I dug into my first project, Tamara calls a gentle introduction, forsaking dinner and evening TV, not that there is anything good on Melbourne TV at the moment; but I do have a back log of pre taped shows that I planned to watch over summer!

It was so good to get my hands dirty, but today it was bad on the budget because I needed more supplies, and frustrating because I can’t find the right paper in any of my regular art supply stores, grrrr I wish I was still in business, I would call up for a sealed pack of Hot Pressed paper no less than 300gms or 140lb in the perfect size for my projects and it would be delivered before lunch tomorrow.

So here is my art on my warped mixed media paper


Tamara asked us 2 questions

1. What is your intention for the year ahead? and

2. What is a word that will carry you through?

My Intention this year and throughout this creative course is to Trust my Intuition. Something that I have struggled with for years as I have swallowed the lies of my crazy inner critic. So no more; this year I am going to start listening to myself and more importantly listening to that still quiet voice of wisdom as she whispers “knowing” to me gently.

And what is my word for the year? fittingly it was “Fearless” 

Fearless; because that is what I am going to be, looking forward, fearless in my pursuit of creative perfection, (or a messy mix of self absorbed satisfaction) and fearless in my journey of this dam blackness inside as I sit patiently on the wait list for surgery.

Yes “Fearless” is my word for this year, I just have to step into it’s garment, because I still feel a little afraid, but you know what, doing it scared is kind of fearless too don’t you think?

Keep an eye out for my creative sharing’s they are sure to multiply this year, and I may even have other stuff to say as well.

Keeping positive, I will see you all soon.



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