Another Hospital Another Day, Let’s go Shopping!

I should be a commentary writer for all the hospitals in the East of Melbourne, given my unfortunate experience to have acquired overnight accommodation in a few recently.

Thursday saw me at the Angliss, overnight in the ED, not a great place to end a great evening of music @ Burrinja, but a necessity none the less.

5 hours to wait for a transfer ambulance! Phew, what on earth has our city come to.

Finally arriving at Ringwood Private for the weekend package and a few good days chucked in, actually I’m still here, they haven’t decided weather to let me go or not!

Yesterday was filled with an exciting outing to Knox Private, thankfully not a long wait for the ambulance this time, but leaving only 20 minutes to get to an appointment at another hospital, and negotiate traffic was cutting it fine.

The after wait is always longer so I arranged for number one son to slip in with my favourite frozen drink, what a treat, thanks Ashley x

The upside of bed rest at this time of the year is that I have gone crazy online with Christmas presents, everyone is promising early delivery, I hope that’s the truth , it’s kinda funny in a way, there were two stores that I was tossing between, one had free shipping one had some different things, it took days to sort it all out.

Finally I placed my order, I choose to split the hairs and get a bit from both of them, one checkout was complicated, I forgot my password to pay pal, I can’t even remember the last time I used it, password recovery was useless, and didn’t work with option one; “send me an email” because PayPal didn’t know the answers to my questions! I knew the right answers, but they wouldn’t accept my many attempts, calmly after a day of trying I thought I would go for recovery option 2 “receive a phone message” yah I could do that, ……. Why hadn’t I thought of that earlier?

Yeah Right! did I think that was going to happen; NO, not even that couldn’t be easy, the only registered phone number was my home number and here I was in bed 12B (b because I am opposite the bathroom!) and they could ring my home number for as many times as they liked but I couldn’t answer it, and forgive me Lord but I was frustrated beyond belief looking for the “update my information button”, the system was slowly excluding me from the site like a foreign body.

I passed on the PayPal discount, and paid a whole $8.50 extra for my order, honestly was it a senior moment that had me fighting the dot com system for 2 days for $8.50 or am I seriously loosing the plot?

I thought I was done, but then there was stuff left in my shopping cart, I had to check out again, does this ever end?

Finally done, I was pleased with myself, not only had I taken care of Christmas in two complete orders, and  one little girls birthday present, I had also brought stuff for other members of my family to save them the trouble of shopping  for themselves, and oh the joy of a well found present, especially at a bargain price, it helped me to shop some more even if I don’t really need encouragement to do that!

And then it started………..

Email after email, “Thank you we have received your order for …….. (Description of one of my items)

Followed by anothe email “SENT……… (Description of one of my items)

Every item in my two shopping carts were from individual sellers, and each one would be tracked and delivered separately, oh good grief, I thought I was making it easy for myself putting everything into one cart and checking out, but oh no I think I am going to be receiving parcels well into the New Year one single carefully selected bargain at a time!

I just pray that the important ones all arrive before the 25th.

Christina x


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