It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Last week I sent out my final newsletter to all of my beautiful customers. I thought you might like to see my final good bye, its almost surreal, happening; but to someone else, not me! But it is me and it is finalising, only a few short sleeps now.goodbye-08

It’s time to say goodbye but there is just enough time left for you to place your final orders. Doors will close on Friday 30th September.

Don’t forget 70% OFF Online

70% sale sign with colour confetti. Vector paper illustration.

hop Online 24/7

Shopping online is easy and convenient, if you live locally you can save on shipping by using out pick up service.

Your discount will be automatically applied when you check out. Stock up big, this will be your last chance to purchase from Christina.

Loads & Loads of Stock

Don’t worry about not getting your fill of Christina’s supplies there are so many things left, it just goes to show how much stock was actually there, take a look at the images below



Take a look at our Mystery Boxes


We have lots of stock not loaded onto the website that we know you will love, along with some vintage stock that has much love still to give, Christina will personally pick your box.

Leave a message in the notes section if you like telling us what sort of creative person you are, a Cardmaker, Scrapbooker, Altered Artist, Stamper extraordinaire’ and we will take care of the rest.

Please Note

There is NO return or exchange on sale items.

If a product you ordered has sold out then we will substute your item for something that is similar in size, price and range. If you have a preference for something leave a note on your order.

Gift vouchers are no longer available for sale

Thank You is Not Enough


Thank You is not enough for all that you have shared and given to me over the last 16 years.

But Thank You are the words that we use to express our gratitude and thanks. Please know that you have all been a part of my world and of yourselves your are beautiful and precious.

I pray that you will all continue your own creative journeys wherever they may take you, try and remain authentic to who you were created to be, there is no one else made just like you and you all have a very unique story to tell, I hope you tell it creatively.

For those who would like to keep in touch with me, you can follow my blog here or find me on facebook here

Remember, nothing is more important than authentically following your creativity. Don’t let the busyness of today stop the creative unfolding of tomorrow.

Until next time

Christina x


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