Believe in Yourself


When you don’t believe in yourself anymore,


the unimagined dreams, yet to be,

You have to believe that tomorrow will come

& for today; do just, what you can.

Don’t let yourself say this isn’t enough!

For today has its fill of its own.

Enough is today for all of its joy,

its sorrows, its pain and regret,

Let it be snuggled up warm 

on the couch at home 

or tucked tight and cosy in bed,

its ok to stop and rest for a while.

Stop saying that it’s not!

But if today for you was busy and fast

know tomorrow will hold your rest.

Its always enough, what ever you do

a lot, a little, or nothing.

Allow yourself this and tomorrow will be

the start of 

Your Wonderful You.

We first have to believe who we are

in ourselves

Before anyone else will believe.

I hope today is filled with all of your dreams bursting

& tomorrow they all overflow


                                                    Christina Johns 2016


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