What’s in your Garden

I have come to decide that the golden age is between 20 and 40.

Before 20 you are on your way, struggling or trending you arrive at 21.

Nothing is impossible as you forge through life with everything imaginable; out there, just beyond your reach, and all you have to do is go and get it; so off you go, full steam ahead, some not knowing the way, some forging new ground, some moving so fast you only see the smoke from their smile and the bellowing sound of their happy, satisfied voices, others slowly inching towards their goals, one small steady cautious step at a time.

It’s a wonderful all embracing age, we take hold of it with everything that we have and fail or succeed we travel the road collecting friends along the way, loosing dead weight that is holding you back and spending less time with idle things and more time with concentrated effort.

For some the age is profitable and after they take a good long rest they thank the Lord for their good fortune and wealth.

But for many the time was but a proofing ground, one for a much longer journey, one they did not expect to have to take, one they are too weary to walk, but they traverse it all the same.

What ever your age it is never too late to start again, it is never too late to be young again even if it is in our hearts and minds and not in our worn out weary broken bodies.

No matter what troubles you bear, there are many who bear much worse and travel much harder.

I have a few traveling friends, good ones I count on one finger, you know who you are because you travel the same and we have to fill each other’s tanks as often as we spend time living.

Others are treasured flowers in my perfumed hand picked garden, each one unique in fragrance and appearance, each beautifully created and each holding immeasurable treasures that you share freely with me when I visit; but visiting your garden is sometimes difficult  because of the troubles and tribulations of life. I worry that you think I have forgotten you, but how could I not remember that delicate magnificent fragrance?

Occasionally a beautiful wild unrecognised flower pops up over the fence and I am reminded again that treasured friends don’t always flower in my garden, they are seasonal like bulbs, breaking forth the ground that held them and springing forth strong and tall with beautiful colours and breathtaking garments. We rekindle our passions and journey for a short while and save some for next year.

My garden has been toiled with much blood and many tears have watered its gates. I hope your garden is a sanctuary just like mine?

Christina x


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