What will Tomorrow Bring?

Tomorrow is probably a very exciting time for many of you, tomorrow always holds the expectation of unfulfilled dreams, things you were going to do but just haven’t gotten around to.

My tomorrows are usually like that, but not this tomorrow, this tomorrow is filled with unexpected concern and is ending a long endured anxious wait.

Tomorrow I meet with the powers at Peter Mac and find out my fate, surgery seems to be the only option, “stop being so negative” my dear friend hollers, “they may just wait and see”, I love her positive attitude, I am so blessed to be surrounded by such love and common sense, but my ageing wisdom echoes that things are pretty bad inside of this fragile body I now possess and intervention may well be the only alternative to save what is left, but I fear; what will be left after that?

So tomorrow is a very big day for me, sadly one I hope you never have to endure yourself.

Christina x


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