Coming Home


Coming home from an appointment in the new Peter Mac building was a mixture of emotions. The architecture of the building blew me away, there was something soothing and comforting with all those curved lines, clean white, and natural light from above.

Trying to stay positive for my support team and also embracing the reality of our conversation, was an interesting combination.

My new surgeon Associate Professor Sandi Heriot the biggest poobar of Peter Mac was a different man from the one we previously saw, gone was his pretension and superiority, we were met with compassion and understanding.

At his earliest convenience Sandi is going to perform a laparoscopy.

Its a conservative approach, finally he is understanding that I don’t really want surgery, (even though I know that surgery is going to be the only option to save my life) Sandi hasn’t seen the disease so wants he to take a look and also access how much it has spread since my last laparoscopy in December.

He then said “without a doubt you will then need major surgery”, a Peritonectomy, with Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC (a relatively new procedure where heated chemotherapy is washed into the abdominal cavity, massaged into all of the organs and then left inside as they stitch you up) I will also be loosing my Omentum which is also covered in disease.

The interesting thing about all of this is that when Sandi reviewed my case all of a sudden a new report was written and sent to my doctor siting that my PET scan and CT scan all of a sudden showed disease in a number of spots where the previous report showed nothing!

I think I have finally found the right doctor, well at least I’m praying thats the case.

Before I go I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sent me messages through the blog and on facebook,  and for those special ones who phoned, honestly you have humbled me with you generosity and love.

Its a massive thing for me to share all of this, to open myself up and bare everything for you to examine, but the love and support that I have received in return has changed me. You may think that your small comment or encouraging “like” wouldn’t make a difference but let me tell you, when you are alone with your disease and it happens to be the big C you have nothing left but to receive from those who care, thank you for letting me know you care x

Christina x


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