Where to Strong Women Weep

Where do Strong Women Weep

Tears in my heart

how can I explain?

Good Strong women don’t cry or weep

They stand tall in their beautiful shoes

or their comfy worn out orthotic runners!

none the less they always stand

Not a moment would you think that she could not cope

with what ever you throw upon her

But she has tears in her heart for all the unspoken words

her brave lips could not bear to say

Where do we go when we need to weep

A closet, a wilderness, a bustling city

where nobody would notice?

No! she keeps it deep inside,

Her broken heart bleeds

just a little bit more from the pressure

and pain of it all

Where do I go to weep?

I know not a place

yet the smallest of kindnesses causes a rise in my heart

& a familiar choking behind my tongue

My eyes feel the dampness and pressure from behind

I gulp and I blink and I ‘m brave yet again

I’ve been told that I’m a strong bold woman

yet every day I feel no stronger than a mouse

I carry fear for myself and for others

deep in my soul

 I cope well on the outside

with everything that is thrown my way

We are ALL Brave Women

because that is how God has made us

Child bearing is no walk in the park

& its not over at birth

our overstretched bodies take years to recover

if ever it does?

That’s untold bravery right there.

Brave Women aren’t encouraged,

they are brave you think;

why would they need to hear you say it?

But we need it more, not just for ourselves

but so we can bravely light the fire of other uncelebrated female heroes.

I dedicate this post to all of the brave women out there

& yes that even means YOU!

Let yourself weep when weeping is due

Because if you don’t then a river of tears

will overflow

I can’t weep right now as I write this post

because I’m travelling on the train

to another Peter Mac Cancer appointment

But you know what?

I might just weep when I get home tonight.

Christina Johns x 2016


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