Starting at the Beginning

22nd February 2016

Starting at the beginning is always a difficult task, but do we really start at the beginning or just join in middle when life is in full swing?

I have wanted to blog for over 10 years, I finally took my self to  Abbotsford Convent yesterday and attended a Blogging course by the Australian Writers’ Centre, the best advice I got was to

“stop worrying about he details and just get started” 

I’m starting today, frustrated after an hour of trying to get a photo up loaded (it was too big!) and concerned that I have not turned on all the plug ins or widgets, or whatever it is that I am supposed to do, oh yeah, I’m not supposed to worry about all of that!

I’m encouraged by this little tombstone I found in the Abbotsford grounds:-






I think that just about sums up where I am leaving 2015 and stepping into 2016. “Should’s” are going to be buried from this day forward, It’s time to step out and do the things I have always wanted to do. Why don’t you be brave with me today?

What will this blog be about, well its gonna be all about me! I love Art; mixed media, painting, watercolour, jewellery and a little drawing, Craft; card making, stamping, scrapbooking, and I have also been known to knit, crochet, and when my eyes weren’t so weary a lot of hours under a daylight lamp  doing tapestries. I am a full time Carer and have been reluctantly  drawn into the  long falling rabbit warren of Mental Illness, I have a decaying body and many unexplored dreams that need to be dusted off the shelf.

It’s time to open that box that we keep sacredly closed and share what’s inside.

Christina x


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