A Side Serve of Screws

16th April 2016

Would you like a side serve of screws with that new ankle replacement Christina?

Well that wasn’t exactly how my incredibly talented surgeon put it, but needless to say the results remain the same.

Next week I go under his skilful knife again, for a bit of a clean up and a minor repair. Removal of a long screw (note to self make sure you ask for the trophy) and some extra screws up the centre of the bone to reinforce it and trick it into thinking it is stronger than it is.

Almost to this day this time last year I had a complete ankle replacement.

Trendsetting again as ankle replacements last year were still quite unheard of; but a much better option than an ankle fusion, which my old surgeon offered as “the only alternative in his professional opinion!” for my increasingly growing pain and restrictive ankle movements.

I found a new surgeon with a more progressive approach, and then waited as long as I agonisingly could, but when driving became challenging, there was no other choice than to proceed with surgery.

I’m starting to feel like the bionic woman with a titanium hip and now a new ankle, it’s just a pity that age makes the body ache in all manner of annoying places that I rarely feel bionically inspired!


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