Creative Tree Painting

Well I was gasping for a bit of creativity and my tree out the front had been vandalized too many times.

Let me tell you the story: a couple of years ago I decorated the tree out the front of my home with a scarf, one day it was gone, so a bit later on I brought a jumper at the op shop, cut it up and patched it onto the tree, it looked awesome, and some of the locals were using it as a land mark.

Then one day it was gone!

So I thought hmm tree hugging greenies, what’s wrong with a bit of colour on the tree, and besides I see plenty of insects hugging the fabric, it’s healthy, so I set about knitting for a month and came up with this

A month to knit,  a night for the thief to cut it down! all was left behind was small tufts of wool fallen as they cut the blanket off, what to do now, how can I decorate the tree without damaging the integrity of it??

Thinking thinking ……

Here’s what I came up with

Multicoloured rainbow food colouring, I should have worn gloves

Anyway the sad end to this wonderful story is we had a torrential summer rain and my tree now stands bare, the colour has all washed away.

I would love your ideas on how I can colour the tree without damaging it, here in Australia we have possums who are considered pests (I have a few in my walls and roof arrg!) anyway a method to stop them crawling up a tree is to cover the lower part of the trunk with a wide strip of steel, then the little creatures cannot climb up the slippery surface.j

I could decorate such a thing and then nail it to the tree but I reckon that would do more damage than well fitted blanket. So I am open to suggestions, what paint can I use on a living tree? (how awesome would it be to actually have the leaves turn multicoloured as well, that would be something)

I can’t leave it too long, people will start getting lost in Upwey,  So how I can artistically treat my tree without damaging it? please leave your suggestions below.

Christina x


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