Diets Suck!

How come the moment you try to loose a few pounds you instantly crave food every moment of the day?

It’s not bad enough that after reaching the ripe age of 53, one has to even consider paring down the good things in life, but to be eagerly encouraged by medical professionals that’s a whole new thing!

Is there something else to do besides shoving food in your mouth in the twilight hours? maybe if I had someone to share the twilight hours with, we could together find something else to do with out lips!

Yes I know it a comfort thing, the way chocolate slowly melts on your tongue and your saliva increases with the anticipation of the flavour, and lets not forget salted caramel, ohhhh my, ┬áthat has to be my all time favourite, everyone else’s as well; judging by the labels on the supermarket snack food isles.

Salted caramel is like the warmth of an open fire as you stand lonely warming your hands and the man of your dreams just happens to walk in and sweep you up into his arms for a cuddle, yeeees salted caramel nourishes more than the cravings of a sweet tooth.

So what distractions do other people use? I guess I could google it, phone a friend or open another can of sugar free diet bubbles, oops I accidentally finished an open packet of chippies that I noticed on the table while I was typing this, lucky it wasn’t a full packet eah?

Hmm dieting sucks, maybe I can do the other least thing I hate more, exercise.

Creative people like to sit on their butts and create, we shove food in our mouths because we are hungry and have forgotten to eat when we are creating; my point is, that creatives who don’t like cooking, don’t create in the kitchen, and could take or leave food; except that we get hungry and reach for the easiest thing, usually in a wrapper that we can snack on whilst we are continuing to create.

Because they are creatives we are usually poor, so home delivered nutritional food is generally not an option.

I think I need a wife, in a man that is; one who can cook and clean while I create.

We can all imagine our perfect world when we pause for a few moments. life is too short to be continually serious.

I hope you have had a totally awesome fat filled day, with only the nutritionally required amount that is, and I will go suck a diet coke and wish for salted caramel.

Christina x


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